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Poker apathy

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Just don't know
  Afterme, Dec 29 2009

Hi there, I'm just back from 1/2 live playing session and I'm really obssessed by one of the hands I've played there.It was vs a regular who I've played a lot and I kinda soulread him.Because my tight image across the table at all I decided to raise from the button with Qc6h to 12 and get called by 2 ppl one of which was this guy.The flop comes QsJc3c I got 2 checks before me so I cbet for 31 and the reg who was SB raise me for 200.He was with almost 600$ infront of him since I had a little more than 300$.So it was time for hard decision, I knew he has some kind of flush draw, but this raise was like...LOL.So I called him and...the end is clear - allin on the turn, and club on the river.I just don't know what to think for this hand.Since the turn was 6d which gave me 2 pairs with about 50-60 left in my stack I don't think I had any other option than getting allin on the turn, but decpite this the hand was obv. decided on the flop and I'm not sure If I make the right decision.Mathematically I know that I'm ahead, and I was 101% sure he is on flushdraw but is this enough to call in this situation or I should fold and wait for better spot since all the players on the table were super fishes?I was reading this guy like an open book but this sitll wasn't enough.Maybe I really should have fold this, but dman it, in spots like this when you know exactly what to expect is it really still a bad call?

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Live <----> online
  Afterme, Dec 24 2009

Well, I was thinking about the approximate possibility to use the live poker habbits in online gaming.There are few bigger spots I would like to mention/and read other people's opinion on these subjects.
One thing I prolly don't understand is why it is so 'fishy' to play 1-2 tables.Maybe I haven'r reach the moment when variance will go against me, but my experience so far shows that when playing less tables, you could take advantage of it going on levels you couldn't afford with current BR.And with deeper reads my win ratio is about 1.5BI per 200-300 hands.I would be happy to read any analysis and thoughts on this subject, cause I really don't see what's is so significant in multitabling except the rake ofcourse.I'm talking mostly about 50-200NL games.I play with 3-4 BI and most of the time it's more than enough for 1-2 tabling.

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Poker apathy
  Afterme, Aug 29 2009

Hello, this is my first blog ever, but I'm around the the LP community for a long time and think that maybe I'll find some answers here, if I ask my questions right.
I used to play poker for around an year now, and first it was a fun trying to do what others do, then i saw my own potentional and start playing for beating the game and other players.
It wasn't long till I realise poker is not only game where you can achieve only pride and honor, but also a source of money and, in my case, a much, much more money than i would have if getting a regular job here.
The last winter I start to play trying to see exact how much I can get if I play poker not only for the fun of it but for getting profit, and for the next 4-5 months my earnings have increased dramaticly.Having in mind that the average salary here is maybe 700 or a biy less, I was earning at least 3K monthly only from live play, despite the fact that here is only two places with live Texas with regular 1/2 tabels.
These were some strange moments for me.I used to earn my money with work, and this new income made without a lot of efforts and much more than what I could earn from working made me confuse and I can't admit it - happy.So I recapitulate my goals and start playing poker for the money I was making from it and soon it comes.
As long as I just play because of the game and the fact that I can prove smoething to myself it was funny and didn't tierd me at all, but since I start playing it, how I say...for real it starts to get annoying, I start to get bored of playing faster and faster until a session longer than 45mins became a torture for me.
And it wasn't long after when I start to force myself to play poker, just because I get used to the life it offers me.I no longer enojyed the game and and in some ways this left a mark on my play.
So after a little briefing I decided to stop playing poker for a while and find out what's really going on, and what i should do from now on.But yesterday I went to the local casino since maybe a 2 month break, I thought I could overcome myself and sat playing again.It was again 1/2 with only regulars on the table - players that i know for playing weak, calling too much, and seeking cheap pots even for their preflop monsters.For me - an easy table with lot of profit on it.So I brought 200 to the table and for no longer than an hour I was dominating the table with around 800 in front of me.Also it was the time when I felt i can no longer play my game, I felt nervous, I start to play more loose and start to loose pot after pot.Then two rich fishes come and I decided to stay and try to make some real money but instead I continue with the loose maniac style and soon I found myself with nothing.Loosing everything in 2-3 stupid pots where I even shouldn't be.And again I ask myself why I had to stay there, even though i didn't feel like this.Was it for the money or I just get bored of the game and should stop play at all or at least for a long time.Or maybe I need more discipline and try to overcome this weakness in my play behavior...I don't know yet.I'd be happy if someone have ever felt the same way in his poker life and share some thoughts or maybe even advices how to deal when poker become a source of apathy but yet is the way to make money impossible to make in the ordinary life.
I hope my english is readable and wish you all the best on and out the tables.

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